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.:|Overweight|Eating Disordered|Perfectionist|:. [entries|friends|calendar]
.:|Overweight|Eating Disordered|Perfectionist|:.

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[17 Jun 2012|11:26pm]

[ mood | blah ]

Um..hi? Just thought I'd post who I am and all that...well, I'm 21 just recently married...have had an ED since I was 8/9 yrs...sometimes logic takes over for awhile...but more times my binging and restricting brain takes over and I can't win...I'm currently overweight due to my excessive binging I've been doing. But I've gotten back into restriction and have re-restarted my food log so I don't go over X amount of calories...umm anything else you'd like to know just PM me or comment whichever :-)

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ramble [19 Aug 2010|11:27pm]

[ mood | nauseated ]

 Just need to ramble basically.
Im 17 and i hate my body. Even though iv already lost a stone in recent months, i hate myself, I look at myself in the mirror and want to cry this size body is not want i want.
I look at my friends and theyr beautiful and thin. Their bodys i crave.
Iv finally got to the stage where i will do anything to get this body. ANYTHING.
I will be Thin. Thin is beautiful. Fat like me is not.


[04 Jul 2010|09:33am]


Hey, I just wanted to drop by and let you all know about my eating disorder support community; Belle Amis. The link is http://community.livejournal.com/belleamis/ and everyone is so lovely and supportive (:

Running - Tips [29 Jun 2010|06:26pm]


Hey guys(: I know this may sound stupid, but it might be helpful to some. I just took a jog and I noticed some tips. I have a long road that I jog on, so this will make sense to people who run on places like these.

When I run up and down, I think of the ends of the road as markers. If I run to the end, I'm running to thin, If I walk to an end, I'm walking to fat.

Hope this helps others who need motivation when jogging! (: Also, when I run, I get red lines on my thighs, and they look like scratches. I know that nothing is scratching me when I run. Any ideas? xxx

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wow :) [21 Apr 2010|07:05pm]

..what a gem, this community, in a sea of all the others out there :)

i'm new here, my name is jenny... i used to be one of those 17-year olds who thought that the only way to get a guy was to be skinny.... i went through hell and back trying to get the perfect body... i was on the crew team, rowing and running every day through college, would go days on end with no food at all... until i recovered after a brief hospital stay. that was five years ago. now... i think i can finally admit it...

i'm back.

nothing makes me happier than "dieting," if we can even call it that. and i'm okay with that... at least for now!
my current stats:
height - 5'9"
cw - 205
lw - 122
gw1 - 185
gw2 - 162
gw3 - as low as it will go...

thanks for listening to me blabber... i look forward to getting to know you all :)


Hello, xo [13 Apr 2010|08:00am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm new to this community and to livejournal as well.
I've had a few in the past but never concerning my eating issues. I would love friends on here so if you all could comment/add me as a friend that would be wonderful.

Question: does anyone consume their entire intake before noon? I feel strange doing so but I feel as if anything eaten after that point in time will effect tomorrows weigh in. I hope I get through today. My mentality is extremely cloudy.

Love, Valerie


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